Class Captain and Mija of the Week – Laura Pepper

Why do you love being part of Circle de Luz? And what has been one of your most memorable moments? It has been magical to watch our girls gaining confidence and really coming into their own. We went horseback riding earlier this year and I was so proud of the way they pushed themselves to […]

A Life Changed Forever!

Leida, Class of 2016 When Leida first came to Circle de Luz one could describe her as a quiet and shy 7th grader. Throughout her 6-year journey with us, Leida got exposed to many developmental opportunities that ultimately would support her amazing transformation. In her High School senior year, an inspiring young woman stood at […]

Class Captain and Mija of the Week – Barbara Randolph

“Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of Consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain” Tom Robbins Why do you love being part of Circle de Luz? I really do believe that positive change comes from women leading and to the extent we can […]

Class Captain and Mija of the Week – Danielle Kosir

“One person can make a difference, And Everyone should Try” John F. Kennedy Why do you love being part of Circle de Luz? I joke that I didn’t choose Circle de Luz – it chose me. I learned about the organization a few years ago while I was working as a reporter for a local […]

Circle de Luz Seeks 80 New Mijas by August 15th

Circle de Luz is excited to announce the addition of a new class of hijas. We will partner again with Eastway Middle School to create the Class of 2024. Our organization radically empower young Latinas through extensive mentoring, holistic programming, and scholarship funds for further education. Circle de Luz was founded to combat some difficult statistics […]

Class Captain and Mija of the Week

“To make a difference in someone’s life You don’t have to be Brilliant, Rich, Beautiful, Or Perfect. You just have to CARE.” Unknown This week we are highlighting one of our Super Heroes, Meghan Maciag! Meghan is Class Captain and Mija for our wonderful class of 2021. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, […]

Circle de Luz Is Now Hiring!

Last summer, the Circle de Luz Board of Directors met to draft our strategic plan for the next three years.  As part of our vision, we want to grow our impact in Charlotte, welcoming in at least twice as many girls to the program in the Fall of 2019. With just our current five classes, […]

You Are Invited To Help Us Celebrate!

In our 10th year, we are even more focused on our commitment to provide educational access and personal empowerment to young women who are too often overlooked in our society. To help us expand our reach, we are launching a 10 for 10 effort this year where we’ll host 10 different awareness building and fundraising […]


Are you looking for a deliberate way to spark powerful, positive change in the world? Join Circle de Luz in our mission to empower young Latinas through confidence-building experiences and educational access. We support our members from 7th grade until high school graduation with extensive mentoring, holistic programming and a scholarship to support their further […]

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