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By 2060, 1/3 of the female population in the United States will be Latina.

Today, one in four female students is Latina; yet, daunted by poverty, racism and access, one in five Latinas do not complete high school by age 29 and just 19% of Latina women have a college degree.

When women are empowered, whole communities prosper. If we want the world to be healthy and whole, we have to invest in Latina women. Yet, just one cent out of every dollar a foundation grants in North Carolina goes to Latino issues. If we are going to create positive change, it comes down to everyday people like you and me deciding that everyone deserves to be invested in.

We simply would not exist without our donor support from around the world. Please consider becoming a mija or make a one-time contribution today.

We invite you to join our mission and help us empower young Latinas as a Corporate Sponsor! We have a variety of ways for your organization to give to the Latino community.

Would you like to host a workshop for our hijas and their families? Or would you like to learn more about becoming a Class Captain to a dedicated class of girls for six years?