Circle de Luz Seeks 80 New Mijas by August 15th

Circle de Luz is excited to announce the addition of a new class of hijas. We will partner again with Eastway Middle School to create the Class of 2024.

Our organization radically empower young Latinas through extensive mentoring, holistic programming, and scholarship funds for further education. Circle de Luz was founded to combat some difficult statistics surrounding young Latinas. One in five women in the United States is a Latina and, in Charlotte, Latinas are the fastest growing segment of our student population. Yet, daunted by poverty and lack of access, one in five Latinas does not complete high school and just 19% of Latina women have a college degree. The gravity of these statistics is amplified when factoring in that by 2060, one-third of the female population will be Latina.

When the participants graduate from high school, each is supported with a minimum $5,000 scholarship. To fulfill its commitment, Circle de Luz relies primarily on giving circle donations from women, called mijas (a Spanish term of endearment for girlfriends).  Mijas can hail from anywhere in the world, be any age, and from any background. Each mija commits to contributing a minimum of $100 per year for each year the girls are in the program—from seventh grade to high school graduation.

We know that when women and their families come together driving ONE pivotal mission, we are able to create monumental change in the communities we love. We invite you to be part of this change!