Class Captain Spotlight – Rosy Crumpton

We are so honored to highlight another amazing role model and class captain. Rosy is a strong woman who is currently a class captain for our Class of 2021 hijas. We are so blessed to have Rosy as part of our team, and are so thankful for the wonderful experiences she has been able to create with our girls so far. Thank you Rosy for everything you have done, and what you continue to do for each and every one of our girls.

Why do you love being part of Circle de Luz?

Simply put- it’s all about the hijas for me. I love getting to spend time with them and witnessing their personalities take shape over the years is fun! I enjoy learning about their dreams and aspirations, and watching their interests change over time as they explore and are exposed to new experiences. 

Best memories so far:

Excitement through loud cheers after an awesome show at Knight’s Theatre, giggles over their tactics for how to successfully complete the annual 5k, overhearing the girls order something they’ve never tried before on a menu and returning on a different date to order like pros, learning of their artistic side, eavesdropping on the girls speak like they’re adult professionals in between meetings at their corporate office, car ride sing alongs, braving fear of heights, curiosity through their inquisitive questions during career exploration, high fives after reporting progress on a class grade or acing a school paper…. and so many more. 

Tell us something about yourself…

Professionally, I’ve been in the behavioral health field since 2005 and I’m passionate about improving the health, welfare, and happiness of people. I do this in my roles as an Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, as a Quality Management Director for Developmental Disabilities Resources, Inc., and as a Published Writer. 

Other ways I spend my time that bring me joy: I journal, read, run, meditate, cook for tons of people, engage in my community, spend time outdoors, and laugh, always laugh.  

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