Volunteer Program

Ropes Course Mija
Circle de Luz offers over 60 programs per year to our hijas and their families. We are very fortunate to have such a committed base of volunteers but we are always welcoming new ones into our circle. We draw our volunteers from our pool of scholarship donors, called Mijas. These are women who pledge to donating a minimum of $100 per year for each of the six years that a class is part of our program. Utilizing these women as our primary group of volunteers allows us to facilitate meaningful relationships and interactions between them and our program members. We also employ strict Safe Sanctuary guidelines to ensure the emotional and physical safety of the young women entrusted to our care and these guidelines require a background check for volunteers. Because our donors are part of our program for six years, the expense of these checks is justified by the likelihood that they will be repeat volunteers. There are a few exceptions to this policy- if you are part of a group that would like to help with a specific event, we invite you to contact our Program Manager, Karina Vogel at karinavogel@circledeluz.org or 704.907.0974. Read more about becoming a mija.