Vote for Circle de Luz (everyday. 10 times a day) to win a grant from Pepsi!

February 1, 2010

Pepsi has launched a new grant initiative where they will give up to 32 community organizations grant funds each month.  Circle de Luz has applied for one of the grants and part two of the process takes place this entire month when people around the country vote for their favorite ideas.  Could you take a minute everyday between now and February 28th to vote for Circle de Luz to receive a $5,000 grant to support our programming with the girls?  When you vote, you’ll see that Pepsi provides a link for you to quickly “tweet” the opportunity and share the opportunity on Facebook and we would also greatly appreciate you doing that as well as forwarding this link to others who you think might be interested in radically empowering adolescent girls.  

Here’s the link.  If you have Facebook, you can sign in to vote through Facebook or you can register (it just takes about 30 seconds) the first time you visit and then all of your other visits will go much quicker.   

Look for Circle de Luz, Empower Young Latinas through a mentoring and scholarship program. 

Thanks so much for your support of Circle de Luz!

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One response to “Vote for Circle de Luz (everyday. 10 times a day) to win a grant from Pepsi!”

  1. Eve Veliz says:

    This a great and easy way to help a great organization!

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