History of Circle de Luz

rosie molinary

Rosie Molinary

In 2007, while touring the country promoting her book Hijas Americanas: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing Up Latina, author Rosie Molinary spoke with dozens of Latina girls in high schools throughout the country. She saw firsthand the unbalanced distribution of resources and the lack of out-of-school support these girls were receiving.

Happily, she also spoke with many women who were looking for a way to help. In 2007, Molinary assembled a group of women who proved to be, not just willing, but very able and the first Circle de Luz Board of Directors meeting took place.

In the fall of 2008, the first class of Hijas was selected from James Martin Middle School. Since then, Circle de Luz has steadily added more classes, and is currently seeking Mijas to support the Class of 2023.

From the first gathering in 2007 to now, Circle de Luz has grown from an all-volunteer organization run by six working board members to a vibrant, professionally staffed nonprofit. With the addition of a Program Manager, the board is now able to focus more on strategic growth and planning. We are grateful to our funding and programming partners for their support, which has allowed us to thrive.