Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Circle open to male donors?

We welcome donations of any amount or frequency from men, but these donations will go towards our administrative and programming needs and not our scholarship awards. Scholarship awards are solely funded by our women donors, the Mijas, in an effort to uplift female solidarity. Additionally, only our Mijas are permitted to connect with the Hijas in mentor relationships because of the six year commitment they have made to the program.

What if I want to donate an amount less than $100 annually?

Mijas must donate a minimum of $100 annually in order to ensure that Circle de Luz can fulfill its promise to provide minimum scholarships of $5000 to each Hija. They can, however, currently do that over the course of two payments a year. We also welcome donations of any amount or frequency from interested men and women that can go towards our administrative and programming needs.

How are donations accepted?

Currently, we accept checks made payable to Circle de Luz which can be mailed to Circle de Luz, PO Box 2, Davidson, NC 28036, or you can also use the PayPal option on our website to make a credit card donation online.

What happens if an Hija does not graduate from high school?

Her portion of the scholarship is evenly divided among the remaining Hijas for that class year.

How many women need to enroll in each circle to make the program possible?

Our goal is to have a minimum of 50 women in each Circle class. Every 10 women enrolled create at least one scholarship opportunity. In a year that we have many women enrolled, we may be able to have more than one location of Hijas.

Can I replicate the Circle’s efforts in my hometown?

If you think you might be interested in bringing Circle de Luz to your city, please email us at and let us know about your interest.