How We Work

At State of the Circle, April 2013

At State of the Circle, April 2013

We choose our newest Circle de Luz class in the fall from a current seventh grade class at a partner school.  From then until high school graduation, we meet with the girls 2-3 times per month to provide dynamic, holistic programming focused on helping them acquire skills and reach their potential.  When each girl graduates from high school, she receives a minimum of a $5,000 scholarship to pursue the educational opportunity of her choice.  We currently have four Circle de Luz classes, the Class of 2014, the Class of 2015, the Class of 2016, and the Class of 2019.  We will select our newest class, the Class of 2020, this fall.

How Can You Support Circle de Luz? 

Become a Mija:  Before a new class can be chosen, there must be donors, called Mijas (girlfriends), in place to support the scholarship the Hijas receive after their high school graduation.  Our goal with each new class is to have 50 mijas which funds 5 scholarships. These women pledge to donate a minimum of $100 a year for six years to fund the scholarship component.  Mijas can come from anywhere in the country (our Mijas currently hail from 25 states) and can limit their support to a financial commitment or can complement their monetary gift with volunteering to support the class in other ways.

How do you become a mija?  You can submit your Letter of Commitment to the Class of 2020 today.  You do not need to make your donation at this time.  We will follow-up with you once we’ve received your letter of commitment.  All scholarship donations will be placed in an interest bearing account designated for your specific class of Hijas to provide an even more robust scholarship at graduation. If you have any questions, email us at

Become a member of our Circle de Posibilidad:  In addition to the scholarships the Hijas receive after their high school graduation, we support them through meaningful programs for each class two to three times a month.  These programs are supported by grants, fundraising, and donations to our Circle de Posibilidad fund.  Donors in our Circle de Posibilidad can hail from anywhere in the country, be male or female, or even represent a group or business.  Donations made through the Circle de Posibilidad do not require a six year commitment and can include in-kind support.  If you are interested in contributing through our Circle de Posibilidad, email us at 

We hope you’ll consider making an investment in the Hijas of Circle de Luz.  With your support, we can radically empower young Latinas to realize the futures of their imaginings.